- Calms and Balances Mind and Body. - Stress and Anxiety Reduction. - Increased Muscle strength, Flexibility and Vitality.


- Increased Circulation. - Breath Control. - Natural Pain Reliever.


- Stabilized Blood Pressure. - Improved Sleep. - Protection from Injury.


- Improved Immunity. - Better Relationships. - Inner Peace.



Meditation Practice


Yoga Month Challenge


Balance Mind & Body


Me Yoga Retreat



Healthy Daily Life



@ Anacortes Center for Happiness

Chakra Yoga Awakening

Our vision of Chakra Yoga Awakening is to

slow down to ind inner peace and wealth in

health through yoga practice.


Every Friday 4:15pm - 5:15pm

Drop in Class $12.00

Five classes $50.00


@ 1010 Studio

Cardio Flow Yoga

An energizing upbeat flow, merging Ashtanga,

Vinyasa, Pilates and Core Power. This class allows

students to connect with the breath to move in and

out of poses with focus while building flexibility, long

lean deeply muscles and strength, as well as calming

and certerning the mind.


Every Wed. 9:30am - 10:30am

Drop in Calss $15.00

Five Classes $60.00

Ten Classes $100.00






Early bird Yoga Retreat, Personal training. Please contact us at:


Line / Whats App / Wechat - 360-420-1046

Get on Mat


We need to remember yoga is more than just asana and there are many, many ways you can make your yoga pratice part of your everyday life.

The time you spend on your mat is there to teach you; to teach you patience, compassion, persistence, self-belief, tenderness ...etc. So it surely makes sense to have yoga in your life everyday.


Practice patience and compassion in situations that would usually test your boundaries. Become aware of all the little voices in your head that tell you that you can't do this and that, and find the self-belief and confidence to make your own decisions.


Remember even 20 mins Savasana will do you good as well. Getting on the Mat everyday will Change your Life and lead you to Smile Everyday!

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